The General Office for the Supervision of Food, Beverage and Cosmetics was established by the adoption of the relevant law in July 1976. At that time, and until 1954, all supervisory functions as well as the control laboratory were assigned to one general office and from 1955 onwards the General Directory for Food, Beverage and Cosmetics Supervision began to operate independently.
Since 1997, with the establishment of the Food and Drug Administration at the Ministry of Health and the completion and strengthening of the Food and Drug Administration's supervisory departments, all matters related to health license issuance and inspections have been entrusted to the provincial offices in medical universities of the country.
Since the establishment of the Food and Drug Organization in 2013, the General Directory for Food and Beverage Supervision and Evaluation Office has been tasked with policing, planning, monitoring and evaluating food and beverage safety and health indicators.
- Monitoring and development of health and safety of food and beverages produced in the country as well as imported and exported products
- Completely adhere to administrative and regulatory processes and planning to promote the organization of food domains in the country and to monitor the functioning of the food domain in medical sciences universities to raise public awareness of the use of food and beverages.
- Modern engineering in the field of information and statistical systems and creation of databases for food and beverage industries and system for identifying and tracking imported goods.
- Increasing the outsourcing of services by improving the capability of the country's medical universities
- Improving the quality and quantity of services through the provision of continuous and effective training courses for the staff of the General Department and the medical universities of the country.
- Client honors and continuous efforts to increase customer satisfaction
- Develop national standards, guidelines, guidelines and documents on nutrition and safety indicators
- Risk assessment and risk assessment of food and beverage products
- Issuance, Renewal and Modification of Domestic Production of Food and Beverage Health Licenses
- Registration of source, issuance, renewal and modification of health licenses for imported food materials and as well as processed final products
- Inspection, monitoring, auditing and monitoring of safety hazards in production units
-  Issuance and renewal of food safety management system licenses; (ISO22000) and (HACCP)
- Issuance and renewal of Certificate of Qualification and Certification of Activity for International Certification and Inspection (CB) Companies
- Awarding food safety and health badges
- Ranking of production units based on prerequisite program requirements (PRPs)
- Planning and implementation of food and beverage monitoring program at supply level
- Evaluation and monitoring nutritional labeling and consumer information
Execution Activities
- Evaluation of organic products, pesticides and pollutants
- Review the organic claims of products and refer to the relevant specialized group or food and drug deputies in medical universities of the country
- Issuing permits to import or manufacture home-using insecticides
- Issuing permits to import or manufacture disinfectant products for fruits and vegetables and drinking water
- Determination of residual pesticides (MRLs) in agricultural products
- Planning and implementation of monitoring of licensed organic products (imported and manufactured)
Evaluation of safety management, inspection and rating systems
 Prepare and develop requirements and checklists for pre-program evaluation (PRPs), food safety management systems based on HACCP and ISO22000
- Determining requirements and evaluating and ranking food and beverage production units and establishing incentive and deterrent measures consistent with the rating obtained.
- Evaluation and approval of certificates of food safety and organic management systems related to imported goods
- Review and approval the competency of the certification companies
- Establish requirements and GMP checklists for overseas food and beverage production units
- Planning and tracking of actions related to international affairs
- Training of auditors and lead auditors for food safety management systems
Risk assessment of food safety hazards
- Identify food hazards
- Calculating the population at risk (with the priority of high-consumption products)
- Calculate risk and make decisions about the current situation
Post marketing surveillance (PMS)
- Planning and drafting annual executive instructions
- Determine the evaluated products and control indicators
- Summary and statistical analysis
- Report PMS results
Training and upgrading the knowledge, knowledge and skills of the staff and technical staff
- Carrying out training courses in specialized and technical fields
- managing participation experts in international training courses
- Holding workshops on information transfer and new technologies
Monitoring of Operational Plans and Performance Assessment of Food and Drug Departments throughout the country
- Targeting, planning and developing operational plans, evaluating control indicators, and reporting progress and achieving goals.
- Planning, determining performance evaluation indicators for the management of food and beverage management and annual evaluation through the performance evaluation system
- Holding the Advisory Committee on Academic Areas and Medical Universities Poles
T.T.A.C system to track all products from origin to destination (consumer)
- Registration of IRC code
- Track return cargoes
- Review and confirmation of technical competence
- Design and implementation of import and export systems
Contact phone numbers to General directory for Food and Beverage Products
- General Director for Food and Beverage Products 61927000 (532)
- Technical Deputy of the General Directory for Food and Beverage Products 61927000 (545)
- Programing Deputy of the General Directory for Food and Beverage Products 61927000 (537)
- Head of the Department for animal origin Food Products including Marine Origin foods 61927000 (564)
- Head of the Department for Supervision and Evaluation of infants, kids Milk powder, enriched and functional Food Products 61927000 (566)
Head of the Office of Supervision and Evaluation of Organic and genetically modified products, home-used Insecticides, Disinfectants, Food and Beverage contaminants
- Head of the Office for Supervision and Evaluation of Risks Caused by Food Additions 61927000(592)
- Head of the Department for Supervision and Evaluation of Plant Origin Food and Beverage 61927000 (550)
- Head of the Department for Regulation and web- service systems 61927000(521)
- Head of Study and Planning Group 61927000(489)
- Head of Ranking and Audit Quality Management Group 61927000 (543)
Rules and regulations
- The sixth law of the country's development plan
- Permanent development rules
- Health policy
- Resistance economy policies
- Approvals of the High Council of Health
Committees and commissions
- Technical and Legal Committee (duties and mention of members)
- Polar Medical Universities Advisory Committee (Duties and Mention of Members)
- Commission of Article 12 of the Law on Cosmetic and Food products (Duties and Mention of Members)
- Food Health Codex Commission (Duties and Mention of Members)
Rules, instructions and directives
- General rules and regulations including:
- Monitoring the performance of the deputies
- Monitoring products at the supply level
- How to evaluate the operational plan
- Rules and instructions for domestic production
- Export and import rules and regulations
- Criteria and instructions for animal origin food and beverage
- Criteria and instructions for plant origin food and beverage products
- Criteria and instructions for infant formula and food products
- Criteria and instructions for organic food and beverage products
- Terms and Conditions of GMO Products
- Criteria and guidelines for specialty and metabolic products
- Criteria and instructions for packaging food and beverage products
- Criteria and instructions for additives and contaminants of food and beverages
- Criteria and instructions for edible fat and oil products
Information and statistics
- Database of manufacturing licenses issued in the country
- Database of health licenses issued in the country
- Authorized database of approved food safety management systems
- Database of certified inspection and auditing companies
- Database of units with health safety signs
- Ranking database of the country's production units
 Food safety management systems
- Safety and health certificate information
- Definitions of systems
- Safety Certificate Accreditation guide
- How to hand over the executive affairs of evaluation and audit of food safety management systems to Food and drug deputies in medical universities of the country
- How to evaluate the audit of food safety management systems in the country
- How to evaluate the audit of food safety management systems abroad
- How to approve the competence of international audit companies
- How to approve the qualifications of the auditors and auditors
- How to evaluate and rank domestic production units
Complaints and notification
- Complaints handling instructions and related forms
- Informing unauthorized products
Staff training
- Instructions on how to review and certify the qualifications of educational centers
- Annual training program
- Training packages
Electronic service support systems
- Guide to using the system
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